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CeramiCure - By EBI Ltd.

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CeramiCure® is the ORIGINAL provider of a complete line of high-tech, acrylic-based repair solutions to the sanitary ware market in the world, established in 1990.

CeramiCure® Repair Products for Global Santiaryware Manufactuers

CeramiCure®, a division of EBI Ltd., manufactures easy-to-use repair and finishing products for sanitary ceramic and porcelain products. Based on a high-tech acrylic developed for the medical field, the CeramiCure® Repair Solutions enable sanitaryware manufacturers to repair everything from the smallest pinhole to large cracks in "scrapped" pieces, turning both into saleable inventory quickly and cost effectively.

For more than 20 years, CeramiCure® has been the only provider of acrylic-based repair solutions. CeramiCure® sells directly to sanitaryware manufacturers. Today, more than 100 plants worldwide have enjoyed extensive savings in time, money and energy output with the CeramiCure® products and processes.

For international ordering of HIMG™ Surface Repair products, please go to our store @, send email to or call us at 1-800.814.7241 / 1.760.598.7241.

CeramiCure® SCA™ Repair System
CeramiCure® LCA™ Repair System


HIMG™ Surface Repair Products for Professional & DIY Markets

HIMG™ (Haffner International Marketing Group Inc.) is the global marketing company developing and promoting HIMG™Surface Repair products worldwide since 1994.

In addition to serving the sanitary ware industry through it's US-based website,, HIMG™ Surface Repair has initiated country-specific sites (please see below for link) for its major markets in Brazil and Turkey.

For international ordering of HIMG™ Surface Repair products, please visit the site links below, go to or send an inquiry email to