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CeramiCure - By EBI Ltd.

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For repairs that are virtually invisible.

CeramiCure® Light-Cure Acrylic (LCA™) is the complete sanitary ceramic and porcelain repair solution for making virtually invisible repairs of minor glaze defects, such as pits, iron spots, small chips, or pinholes. Made of high-tech acrylic developed for a variety of medical applications, the LCA™ repair solution withstands moisture, cleansers, and heat up to 285°F.

LCA™ is available in more than 100 colors, and we'll match the acrylic to your product beforehand, so you don't have to mix colors. Non-toxic, fast-curing, and easy to use, the LCA™ repair solution is efficient quality you can see.

With the LCA™ repair solution, you can:

The LCA™ Colorfast Guarantee
CeramiCure® guarantees repairs made with the LCA™ repair solution will retain their color for 10 years. Plus, the color is UV-resistant.
Use the LCA™ Savings Calculator
How much could the CeramiCure® LCA™ repair solution save you? Click here to find out!
How LCA™ Works
Learn how to apply the LCA™ repair solution.

  • Increase your saleable inventory–immediately.
  • Reduce re-fire rates as well as gas, oil, and electricity consumption.
  • Decrease CO2 output.
  • Save on labor costs; repairs take five minutes or less.
  • Increase kiln capacity and overall productivity.
  • Make a long-term investment; LCA™ has a five-year shelf life.
  • Enjoy additional Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing savings.

CeramiCure® LCA™ Repair Solution Components

2 gram LCA™ Flowable

3 gram LCA™ Paste

Alt Light Unit

Litex 695 Light Unit

Curing Strips

CeramiCure® Sandpaper

Microtips for 2 gram Material (50/bag)

CeramiCure® Applicator Tool

CeramiCure® Diamond Dust Polishing Wheels

CeramiCure® Polishing Paste