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CeramiCure - By EBI Ltd.


More than 100 plants worldwide are saving with CeramiCure® products.

CeramiCure® acrylic-based repair solutions save manufacturing plants tens of thousands of dollars a month by reducing re-fire and scrapping rates. Discover how much CeramiCure® could save your company by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Light-Cure Acrylic Savings
The LCA™ repair solution is ideal for mending minor damage, such as such as pinholes and minor glaze defects. A plant that produces 100,000 pieces a month might repair 2,500 pieces monthly using expensive re-firing methods. The LCA™ repair solution could save that plant between $20,000 and $40,000 a month.

Self-Cure Acrylic Savings
Use the Self-Cure Acrylic repair solution for larger repairs, such as cracked or "scrapped"
pieces. The cost is only about 35% to 50% of the loss cost.

A growing number of countries now recognize the negative effects to the environment of CO2 and greenhouse gas output by various industries, including the sanitary ware industry worldwide. As a result, governments have put measures, requirements and incentives into place to encourage the reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas output, often rewarding those companies who are able to successfully reduce their output and financially penalizing those companies who are not.

CeramiCure® LCA™ and SCA™ products have a positive effect on the reduction of CO2 in production facilities. Facilities utilizing the CeramiCure® LCA™ material reduce the need for refire, resulting in savings of additional energy consumption required by refiring a repaired piece. Facilities utilizing the CeramiCure® SCA™ material to repair pieces from the scrap pile are eliminating wasted resources and expenses and turning unusable pieces into fully functioning, profitable sale pieces. A company utilizing CeramiCure® LCA™ and SCA™ repair materials increases profits while cutting costs and reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas output, creating a win-win situation for all.

Utilizing one or both of the CeramiCure® repair systems does allow companies to reduce their CO2 output and could assist in increasing the number of carbon credits available for trade or sale on the carbon markets.

CeramiCure® is looking to partner with its sanitary ware clients worldwide to establish a recognized and accredited formula that can be used to determine the reduction rate, or amount of CO2 reduced, by a plant utilizing the CeramiCure® LCA ™ and SCA™ repair products.

Please contact us via email at to discuss the issue of carbon credits and CO2 reduction or to express your interest in a partnership.

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