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Salvage your cracked pieces with leak-proof Self-Cure Acrylic.

Make leak-proof repairs that stand the test of time with SCA™.

Use the SCA™ Savings Calculator
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How SCA™ Works
Learn how to apply the SCA™ repair solution.

CeramiCure® Self-Cure Acrylic (SCA™) is the complete sanitary ceramic and porcelain repair solution for the restoring of previously unusable "cracked" or "scrapped" pieces. Based on CeramiCure's light-cure material technology, SCA™ allows you to repair larger cracks, even those below the water line. The SCA™ solution combines a number of innovative, non-toxic acrylics and composite materials.

The CeramiCure® SCA™ repair solution allows you to:

  • Produce saleable pieces from your scrap pile with simple repairs.
  • Complete a repair job in five minutes or less.
  • Reduce costs; SCA™ repair costs are less than the scrap cost–usually less than US$1.00.
  • Make structurally sound, leak-proof repairs.
  • Increase productivity and kiln capacity.
  • Decrease energy usage and cost.
  • Reduce overall CO2 output.

Samples of Repairable Cracks
Use SCA™ to repair a wide variety of cracks, as shown here (click for larger view):

CeramiCure® SCA™ Repair Solution Components

Dispensing Gun

90g Cartridge

Mixing Tips