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Light Cure Acrylic - LCA™

Established in 1990, EBI Ltd. CeramiCure® is the ORIGINAL provider of a complete line of high-tech, nano-acrylic repair solutions designed for the sanitary ware market around the world.

CeramiCure® Light-Cure Acrylic (LCA™) is the complete repair solution for making invisible repairs of minor glaze defects, such as pits, iron spots, small chips, or pinholes in sanitary ceramic and porcelain products. Made of high-tech nano-acrylic, the LCA™ repair solution withstands moisture, cleansers, and heat up to 285°F. CeramiCure®  ​LCA™ is available in more than 100 colors, with custom color matching available, negating the need for repair technicians to mix colors or match onsite.

Non-toxic, fast-curing, and easy to use – the LCA™ repair solution is efficient quality you can see.

Cost Savings Analysis : A plant that produces 100,000 pieces a month might repair 2,500 pieces monthly using expensive re-firing methods. The LCA™ repair solution could save that plant between $20,000 and $40,000 a month simply by implementing the CeramiCure®  ​LCA™ repair solution.

LCA™ Repair Samples

Ceramicure LCA Repair

LCA™ Repair System

Curing Strips
Non-Scratch Sand Paper
LED Light
Polishing Wheels
LCA Repair Material

Our Products

Self Cure Acrylic - SCA™

CeramiCure® Self-Cure Acrylic (SCA™) is the complete repair solution for the restoring of previously unusable "cracked" or "scrapped" sanitary ceramic and porcelain pieces. Based on the CeramiCure® LCA™ technology, CeramiCure® SCA™ was the first product ever available in the sanitary-ware industry worldwide to turn scrapped pieces into saleable inventory by repairing larger body cracks, even those below the water line.

The CeramiCure® SCA™ Repair Solution allows santiary-ware manufacturers to reduce costs as SCA™ repair costs are less than the scrap cost, while making structurally sound, leak-proof repairs. Plants implementing CeramiCure® SCA increase productivity and kiln capacity, thus decreasing energy usage and cost, while simultaneously reducing overall CO2 output.

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Our Products - SCA

Samples of SCA™ Repairs

2016-04-20 10.34.06.jpg
2013-12-16 11.50.10.jpg
sca5 (1).jpg

SCA™ Repair System

Application Tips
SCA™ Dispenser
SCA™ Repair Material
SCA™ Repair System
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